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Biomass Turbo CTD Dryer 60

Turbo Dryer Machine
1. Hot air temp. is continued by prerequisite from moisture of material.the flue gas temp of 150 deg cent won't fill the need as material,even at 30 - 35% moisture level,will require 300-350 deg.cent. additionally for 50 % material,the temp may be utilized at around 500-550 deg cent.

2. The Dryer is adaptable at the bends.i.e., at the joints. So,you can take a 90 deg turn at any joint.Hence,including HAG the Dryer size could be 30 * 15 ft. or 25 * 25 ft. with a height of about 29 ft.

3. We,as a Briquetting press manufacture,recommend Hot air generator,using thermal Heat with biomass bio coal briquettes Source as raw material.

4. We utilize a SS chicken cross section at outlet of furnace,which is adequate to capture any remaining start in the flue gas,after it has passed through 2-3 ups & downs in the furnace

5. With 50% input of moisture and with 14% moisture in the output of bagasse,CTD dryer will give an output of approx.1500kgs/hr


    Turbo Dryer is utilized to make a level of moisture in raw material before it goes for hammering procedure. Through this Drying Process the moisture available in the raw material wafts away in hot air form through the air tap of Turbo Dryer. This machine comprises of vibrating screen, screw conveyor, a transport line comprising of insulated drying column, feeding hopper vane guide and a pipe that transports moist or wet material with hot air. A heavy pressure opens up the wheel centrifugal fan uproots the dampness substance to a vast degree.

    Company Info

    Jay Khodiyar Machgine Tools,was founded in 1994, and it is a scientific and technology enterprise specializing in the studying, designing, manufacturing of Ram type Briquetting press which utilizes the agro waste to transform into Bio-Mass Bio coal or Briquettes.

Technical Specification

Moisture Evaporation Capacity : 450 Kg.Hrs.
Output : 1500Kg/Hr
Maximum Input Moisture : 35%
Outlet Moisture : : 15%

Electrical Data

Centrifugal Fan Motor 15HP
Screw Conveyor Motor 2HP
Vibrating Screen Motor 2HP
Biomass Turbo Dryer