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Go Green/Renewable Energy Project

Go-Green Project is for the safety and benefit of the environment.We can help this project using Briquettes Manufacturing Briquetting Machinery.

In Renewable Energy Project, Resources that are not depleted, Such as Biomass or wind or solar power are used. Renewable energy resources exist over wide geographical areas.

The Briquettes making Briquetting Machinery is being taken into consideration as such it full-fills the need of the changeable capital investment.

This Bio waste recycling process Helps Entrepreneurs to establish their own substantial with the each-step cooperation with full-on guidance by our experts. .

The Biomass Briquette(White Coal) is the best renewable source of energy for healthy environment and economy. It’s a complete Eco-friendly green Renewable energy project.

  • Conversion of Agro Forestry waste into valuable Briquettes contributes towards Countries national development in many important ways. In this Briquetting Plant Project, we are not exploiting the use of cutting down trees or forests for making biomass briquettes.
  • Eco-friendly Briquettes made from Briquetting Plant Project are very cheaper than fossil fuels and that’s why replaced by them.
  • The White flue gas of Biomass Briquettes reduces indoor air pollution and solve many other environmental ethics.
  • Conversion of Bio-waste into non-conventional Renewable Energy is efficient as well as Government Supportable Conversion.
  • It used less assets, contains less poisonous materials, and gloats a more extended life cycle.

    Incentives of Briquetting Plant Project

  • 100 % Depreciation : The total value of Briquetting plant Project and Briquetting Machinery is allowed to be depreciated in the first initial year.
  • The various State Govt. have exempted solid fuels Biomass Briquettes from sales tax and also some of the states are offering sales tax exemption.
  • No licences is required.
  • These industries has been exempted for obtaining any license for pollution.
  • Income Tax Exemption : For 5 years
  • Govt Subsidies : The central and State Govt. give subsidies .
  • Low rate of interest from govt.financial institution.
  • The aggregate payback time of the Renewable Energy Project is approx. 2 year. It is pollution free and No Danger in this Go-Green project.It is Eco friendly Renewable Green Energy project.
    "So Think Green, Act Green and Earn from Green Energy"

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