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The Development History of Our Company

1994 Our company was founded, so the first revolutionary Model Super-60 Briquetting Machine came to the Jay Khodiyar group province, which becomes one of the first Briquetting Press manufacturers in domestic, and the amount of Briquetting Machines occupied more than 90% in Jay Khodiyar province.
1995 we got the Our Most Demandable Product Jumbo-9075 Briquetting Machine in manufacturing of our company development strategy. And then we explored into the Huge Market, and we won the market with our advanced technology and high quality service.
1998 New Technology which gives Low Maintenance to the Briquetting Press and also appointed trustful & qualified service engineer.
2002 we explored into the biomass fuel industry, devoted ourselves to the Development and manufacturing of the Biomass Briquetting Press Machines, the designing and manufacturing of the biomass Briquetting Press and the technology transformation of the black- coal, into Smouldering Coal Briquettes.
2003 A revolutionary year here we sold more than 100 biomass Briquetting Press and also built healthy relations with our valued customers. Also by Customer satisfaction motto and huge trust on builded by us helped in spreading a our leg in even export market with a stashing performance in exports.
2006 we realized the operation of the biomass fuel industry service, and we made great breakthrough in the transformation technology from coal into biomass scolded Bio Fuel. Also launched the Crusher machine which helped in cutting the big raw material waste into the powdery form which is used in many small and big firms for chopping.
2007 Launched Biomass Turbo Dryer Machine for drying the raw material used in Briquetting Press Process with a new enhanced technology which focuses on significant resilience time for removal of moistures. Mainly used knowned as Turbo CTD Dryer 60.
2008 Our Research and Development Team made a new scenario by focusing on the safety of consumers by enhancing with the adaptation of new sensor system and siren system in our Briquetting Machines widely used in the Bio-coal Market.
2011 Installation with new technology our R & D made the Briquetting Press Model JUMBO-9075 by increasing the capacity of the Machine
2012  Our Biomass Turbo Dryer Machines with new research aggrandize to 1500 kg per hour with 45% moisture removal content specially in bagasse as raw material
2013 We majorly focus on the making a world greener for next generation with our wide range of excellent products. We keep a keen eye from the right first step of procurement of raw material to the final delivery of the same of making the Biomass Briquetting Machine manufacturing & with other supporting products.
2014 We completed 20 years of our journey with full support of our valuable clients,well-wishers,Our Staff,and all individuals joined with jay khodiyar group.

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