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Crusher/Shredder Machine

In Briquetting Plant Project, Crusher Machines and Shredder Machines used to decrease the size of Agro-forestry waste raw material. This Biomass Crusher machine is extremely profitable due to its energy efficiency & huge output in every cluster. Also it is very robust as well as durable Crusher machine.We are having two types Small(30 HP) and Big(50 HP) Capacity Model of Crusher or Shredder Machine.

Crusher/Shredder Machine (30 HP)

Informative Features:-

The use of Crusher/Shredder machine is to compress and chop raw material which is in the form of Agro-Forestry waste Raw Material. In the process of producing Biomass Briquettes/White Coal, the use of Crusher Machine/Shredder Machine comes first in Briquetting Plant Project. The raw material that is imported from various sources like Forest areas, Agricultural fields and Piles of Garbage is first put into crusher or shredder Machine which makes the uneven stuff of raw material into small form.

Technical Specifications

Electric motor


30 HP

Production capacity


2 to 2.5 Ton / Hr  (depend on RM)

Feeding raw material


upto 50mm Dia, length 6 feer

Output size


15-20 mm

Crusher/Shredder Machine (50 HP)

For Chipping and Shredding of biomass Agro & Forestry waste such as Groundnut Shell, Tree Bark, sugarcane Trash, Wood waste, Wood Chips, Cotton stalks, Palm Waste, Coconut Shell, etc. with maximum moisture content up to 50% and having maximum diameter up to 100 mm


for long term profitability, our Crusher Machine or Shredder Machine are the perfect solution with stationary motor with a big loading hopper you can shred leaves, small or big branches. In record time by shredding blades. To chip branches up to 3” dia , nourish them into the chipping chute.

Technical Specification:

Motor : 50HP (3 Phase)
Feeding RM Size : Length up to 6 Feet, Diameter up to 100mm
Production Capacity : 3 to 4 tons/hr. approx  (depend on RM)
Output Size : 15-20mm

Note: Because of advances in innovation, execution and parameters are liable to change without notice

Crusher Shredder Machine