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Briquetting Press Machine Supreme 75

Biomass Briquetting Press

Biomass Briquetting Press Machine Supreme 75

Supreme 75 model of Briquetting Press Machine provides high Production Capacity as an output of 600 to 1,000 Kg per hour. This is our medium Production Capacity Briquetting Press Machine. It's advanced with 10mm feeding raw material size in order to make 75mm Bio coal Briquettes.It is one of the best version of our SUPER-65 MODEL Briquetting Press Machines, as it offers a more output per batch than the others. It also entails a hammer mill for powdering the raw-material, as it can take only powdered feed for making bio coal briquettes.


Production Capacity : 800-1000 Kg.Hrs.
Finished Product Size : 75mm diameter
Finished Product Shape : Cylindrical
Raw Material Form : Accepts all type of agro waste raw material but in powdery form only
Process cost/MT (Approx.) : INR.650to 700/-
Briquettes Length : 100 mm – 200 mm
Moisture content of Raw Material : 8% to 12 %

Other Data

Required power connection : 60 HP / 68.25 KW
Practical used Amp. Load : 50 –60 Amp (Approx)
Power consumption : 25 – 30 Unit / Hrs.

Production capacity

Sugarcane Baggasse: 600 to 750 Kg / Hr (Approx.)
Groundnut shell: 800 to 1000 Kg / Hr (Approx.)
Saw Dust: 800 to 950 Kg / Hr (Approx.)
Rice Husk: 400 to 550 Kg / Hr (Approx.)
Other & Mix Raw Material: 750 To 950 Kg /Hr ( Approx.)
Note: Due to advances in technology, performance and parameters are subject to change without notice

Bio coal Briquettes