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Application of Briquettes

In today's era of globalization where day by day the prices of non renewable energy such as fuel, coal whose prices are increasing unpredictably so the demands of Biomass Briquettes are increasing not only domestically but globally also Biomass Briquettes is also known as White Coal because it is coal which doesn't generate any kind of pollution and they are used in many versatile sectors.

Briquettes Application

Best Replacable fuel

Briquettes/White Coal can be utilized by the modern, households and commercial areas. It is preferably suited for utilization in the accompanying areas:
Boilers: (Sugar mills, chemical plants, oil extraction units, paper mills, food processing units, Cement etc.) Using Bio fuel Briquettes for heating and steam generation.
Gasification : The gas can be utilized to produce force, and eventually replace coal based producer gas systems and oil firing in Heaters.
Forges & Foundries : For metal heating and melting.
Brick kilns &Ceramic Units : For firing of furnaces,Solvent Extraction Plant
Residential Heating: For winter warming in frosty regions and in eateries, flasks and so on
Agriculture: Heating Green houses, Nurseries and Chicken coops.

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